Rain Curtain Kit

$312.00 inc. GST

Rain Curtain Kits for your self feeders

Sick of spending your valuable time cleaning out feed troughs after rainy weather?

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With the increase in the use of self feeders to all times of the year, the issue of rain entering the feed trough on a bad weather event means valuable feed is spoilt and wasted.  Despite the Much labour time can be spent cleaning troughs and clearing feed door mechanisms.

The trend towards feed pellets and their propensity to absorb moisture, makes the rain curtains an important part of design when it comes to the feeders exposure to weather.  Until now it has been virtually impossible to keep all types of rain out of any self feeder.

The use of containment areas where possibly 10 to 20 feeders are used, the process of cleaning out feeders after a bad weather event can be costly both in labour and in valuable feed.

Rain curtains provide peace of mind.

  • * 2 x aluminium adjustable head rails at 2300mm length
  • * Nuts and bolts
  • * Heavy duty 150mm width PVC strips at 390mm lengths