Heavy Duty Cattle Trough – 4.8m Steel

$1,291.00 inc. GST

Need a seriously strong trough to withstand the rigours of your cattle rubbing and knocking against it? Then look no further than the Paton Heavy Duty Cattle Trough.

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The Paton Heavy Duty Cattle Troughs provide the user with an alternative to a concrete trough without the weight, and heavy enough trough so cattle don’t damage or crack a frame such as a light weight plastic trough.

Fully galvanised with a large 960L capacity, this 4.8m unit has strong frame to withstand tipping and a good weight so it won’t be blown over in the wind. Mounted on a gal pipe base meaning it can be skidded around easily these troughs give you flexibility and sturdiness in the one product!

Built tough to meet the expectations of most, these troughs can be stacked and lifted with the forks of your tractor making them very convenient to use and move about.


  • Strong, unbreakable design to withstand dragging through paddocks and lifting when stacked
  • 960L capacity
  • Solid and sturdy sub-frame to withstand tipping
  • Tapered in design to allow for easy stacking for transportation
  • Suitable for calves, weaners and adult cattle
  • Unit Length: 4800mm
  • Trough Width: (Top) 870mm
  • Trough Width: (Base) 420mm
  • Trough Depth: 280mm
  • Unit Height: 700mm