Feed Out Bin – 2 Tonne

$15,887.00 inc. GST

This Feed Out Bin is our mid range model packaged into an all purpose trailer wihe benefits of being lighter to tow, but stable under load.

This lower profiled trailer means it can be towed easier and taken onto slopes that could be tricky under load..

These are specifically design for some of the rougher hilly country where strength over capacity is preferred and the risk of loss of control is higher.

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This Feed out Bin trailer provides the user with a ‘between’ model from the 1.5 tonne single axle unit and the 2.5 tonne dual axle Feed King. This trailer still has good capacity but is lighter and still retains a stable dual axle platform. These are designed for farmers that have rougher country where strength over capacity is required.

The lower profile bin and broad wheel base make these ideal for rolling country and rougher terrain. The solid axles  supported by heavy duty rocker roller suspension and 36″ tyres means you will carry the fully laden trailer load with ease.

The auger drive system is electric, powered by a Honda 3.3 KVA generator which drives the 5 inch auger. The auger effortlessly folds out supported by a gas ram and locks into position.

A trail feeding door operates through a wireless toggle system and makes feed delivery onto the ground an effortless and safe function.