Medium Feeders

Two models available with a capacity of 800kgs and 1.5 tonne. Available on a static base or as wheeled versions. Strong subframes on the static models support the feeders up off the ground, and provide an ideal lifting support when moving.

The wheeled feeders are designed to be towed from the silo out to the paddock. Re-position with ease and convenience to minimise pasture damage. 100% galvanised construction for longevity. Simple and easy to adjust sliding door. Suitable for grain, pellets and heavy chopped and mixed feed.

700kg Feeder

This small feeder is very popular for calf rearing as the capacity suits calves up to 100 kg and the unit will hold nearly a bulk bag of pellets.

Featuring two 1200mm length troughs, capable of handling 2 to 4 calves or 4 pigs feeding at any given time. The lick doors are fully adjustable from closed to 6″ open with a simple turn of the supplied spanner.

$1195.00 inc. GST

1.5 Tonne Feeder – Sheep

The Paton 1.5 Tonne Feeder is a medium capacity unit designed with strength and convenience in mind.

The larger capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling and added labour costs.

$2183.00 inc. GST

1.5 Tonne Feeder – Weaner Cattle

The Paton 1.5 Tonne Feeder is a medium capacity unit designed for young cattle such as calves growing out to young weaners.

This is our most popular feeder for calf rearing as their larger capacity suits bigger calves up to 275 kg and the unit will hold nearly two bulk bags of pellets or grain.

$2347.00 inc. GST

1.5 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 1.5 tonne Wheeled Feeder is designed with simple stock management in mind. Available in both Sheep and Cattle Variants.

Tow from the silo to the paddock and simply relocate when necessary to minimise pasture damage.

$3357.00 inc. GST