Cattle Feeders

For 55 years Paton has built a solid reputation as the class leader in cattle feeding products, 100% Australian-made for Australian farmers in Australian conditions.

A sound knowledge of the agricultural sector coupled with progressive design, quality components, and a strong emphasis on strength, durability and longevity.

Don't fall for a cheap import, Paton has been the choice of Australia Farmers for over 5 decades.

Rain Curtain Kit

Rain Curtain Kits for your self feeders

Sick of spending your valuable time cleaning out feed troughs after rainy weather?

$297.00 inc. GST

All-Weather Calf Feeder

Feed your calves whilst keeping them warm and out of the weather with Paton's All Weather Feeder.

Featuring a sizeable 1m³ capacity (approx 700kg wheat), fully adjustable creep gates and a 3 Point Linkage Hitch for ease of movement with your tractor.

$2989.00 inc. GST

700kg Feeder

This small and handy feeder is designed for small animal groups giving you a step up from trough feeding and so eliminating constant daily refilling.

$1195.00 inc. GST

1 Tonne Feeder – Calves

The Paton 1 Tonne self feeder is the ideal grain feeder designed perfectly for small framed cattle such as calves or young weaners.

Small and versatile, yet with a sizeable 1 tonne capacity, this is one of our most popular models.

$2010.00 inc. GST

1 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 1 Tonne Wheeled Feeder provides the farmer with a stronger management option and doesn't require feeders to be shifted and moved with the potential for damage by a tractor operator. Available in a sheep or cattle version. These can be caravaned behind each other to reduce travelling and refilling time


1.5 Tonne Feeder – Weaner Cattle

The Paton 1.5 Tonne Feeder is a medium capacity unit designed for young cattle such as calves growing out to weaners.

This is an excellent all purpose model limited to younger cattle on pasture wanting added supplement feeding.

$2347.00 inc. GST

1.5 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 1.5 tonne Wheeled Feeder is designed with simple stock management in mind. Available in both Sheep and Cattle Variants.

Fill up at the silo and tow to the paddock.

$3357.00 inc. GST

2 Tonne Feeder – Cattle

The Paton 2 Tonne Cattle Feeder is designed for adult cattle with strength and size in mind. Featuring significant interior and exterior reinforcement to withstand the rigours of adult cattle knocking and rubbing.

$3172.00 inc. GST

2 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 2 Tonne Wheeled Feeder is a larger unit designed with strength and capacity in mind.

The large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs and management worry. 

$4567.00 inc. GST

3 Tonne Feeder – Cattle

The Paton 3 Tonne Cattle Feeder is a larger capacity unit designed to suit weaners up to adult cattle.

$4215.00 inc. GST

3 Tonne Feeder – Cattle – Wheeled

The Paton 3 Tonne Wheeled Cattle Feeder is a large capacity unit designed with strength and size in mind. Built specifically for tough Australian conditions, the large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs and reducing stress. 

Tow from the silo to the paddock with ease. And simply rotate around the paddock to minimise pasture damage from your cattle.

$6165.00 inc. GST

5 Tonne Feeder – Cattle

The Paton 5 Tonne Cattle Feeder is the largest capacity unit we have on offer and is designed with sheer strength and functionality in mind. These are purpose built units for adult cattle.

The large 5 Tonne capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs, reducing stress and saving you time and money.

$7538.00 inc. GST

Cam-Lock Attachment

The Cam-lock attachment is an optional extra that is provided for lick feeders upon order. These allow bulk feed to be delivered on farm directly to the feeders with no hassle and no mess.

Feed suppliers provide discounts for bulk deliveries blown directly into the feeder.

$151.00 inc. GST

Creep Gates

Control lick feeder access for your stock with Paton's Creep Gates. These gates are built to size to suit any Paton Lick Feeder and the chosen animal profile of the feeder.

$1245.00 inc. GST

Catch-All Hay Feeder

These catch-all hay feeders are exactly as the name implies.

They allow hay bales, either big squares or round bales, to be placed into the top of the unit and so provide cattle or horses the feeding opportunity through the bars.

$3876.00 inc. GST

Combination Feeder

Are you searching for the ideal method to feed your stock protein and roughage at the same time? Eliminate double handling and feed your stock grain and hay with the ease and convenience of the Paton Combination Feeder.

$1701.00 inc. GST

Feed Out Bin – 1.5 Tonne

Paton's 1.5 tonne feed out bins are a useful multi-purpose unit that can be used for transporting grain, trail feeding in the paddock, or a useful tool for filling seed drills.

These trailable carts are simple and easy to operate.

$12754.00 inc. GST

Feed Out Bin – 2 Tonne

This feed trailer provides the user with a 'between' model from the 1.5 tonne single axle unit and the 2.5 tonne dual axle Feed King.

This smaller trailer gives you the benefits of a smaller capacity, but with a stable dual axle platform, and single bin.

These are specifically design for some of the rougher country where strength over capacity is required.

$15130.00 inc. GST

Feed Pad – 100 Head Unit

Make your dollar go further with a Paton 100 Head Feed Containment Pad to maximise your feeding potential.

The largest of the feed containment kits, designed for the serious dairying or feedlot enterprise. 100% galvanised steel and built to last.

$8403.00 inc. GST

Feed Pad – 30 Head Unit

Make your dollar go further with a Paton 30 Head Feed Containment Pad to maximise your feeding potential.

All Feed Containment Pads are 100% galvanised steel and built to last.

$2595.00 inc. GST