Paton Livestock ATV Trailers

The Paton range of ATV trailers provides farmers with a useful range of small trailers to tow behind their ATVs.

Tough, rugged construction with 'wing designed' mudguards, hot gal dipped for longevity, and well-balanced with a good weight to eliminate bounce. Stock crates are available with rear sliding gates.

We feature a range of trailers available to choose from, all designed to give you a practical solution to your specific on farm needs.

Ewe Lift ATV Trailer 5′ x 4′

Introducing the new Paton Ewe Lift ATV Trailer, designed to eliminate the backbreaking strain of looking after your flock and your calves.

The Ewe Lift is designed with drop stubs allowing the wheels to pivot away from the chassis allowing the trailer deck to lower to ground level. This action makes it considerably easier to manage mismothering ewes with lambs or cast sheep into the trailer since there is no need to physically lift the animal. With the deck at ground level, simply shuffle or drag the animal into the trailer.

The Ewe Lift is all about easy access and the trailer features a rear slide gate that opens the full width of the unit and a handy internal gate is fitted to divide stock when required. To shelter animals within the trailer from wind and mud the front panel is sheeted, providing some protection from the elements for your stock.

$2880.00 inc. GST

ATV Stock Trailer – 8′ x 4′

These larger double axle trailers are generous in size and are designed to carry new calves. These offer the user a flexible and generous trailer ideally suited and balanced for young stock who refuse to travel.

The unit features both a front side slide gate and rear swing gate for two points of access for loading/unloading stock.

$3261.00 inc. GST

ATV Trailer – 5′ x 3′

Carry stock, firewood or contain your working dogs with the Paton 5' x 3' ATV Trailer.

$2312.00 inc. GST

ATV Trailer – 5′ x 4′

Carry small stock, firewood or contain your working dogs with Paton’s range of ATV Trailers.

$2407.00 inc. GST