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Paton Livestock Catch-All Hay Feeder – a great success for farmers
The Paton Livestock Catch-All Hay Feeder has been a great success for Paton, with farmers recognising this product as an extremely useful tool for feeding...
Discussing the cattle caller
David Goodfellow – a cattle producer in Buckley, Victoria – has been trialling the Paton Cattle Caller for the last few months. Have a listen...
Introducing the Paton Cattle Caller
The Cattle Caller is a new automated and controlled cattle feeder which will save labour time, grain and pellet costs and make feeding cattle more...
On Farm Look
Cattle Feeder – 5 Tonne
2.5 Trail Feeder In Action
ATV Trailer – 5×3 Walkaround
Mobile Cattle Trough – Features
Trail Feeding In Action
Ewe Lift ATV Trailer – Walkaround
Ewe Lift ATV Trailer
Cattle Feeder – 2 Tonne Wheeled
Feed Out Bin – 2.5 Tonne
Feed Out Bin – Ute Mount
Feed Out Bin – 2 Tonne
Paton’s Sheep Restriction Feeding
Introducing our restriction plate design that sits under the adjustment door. Standard across our sheep feeder range, this plate limits mouth access to the feed...
Trail Feeder – 1.5 Tonne
Cattle Feeder – 2 Tonne
Rain Curtain Kit
Sheep Restriction Feeding