Paton Livestock Equipment News & Videos

Cattle Feeders
Made in Geelong, Victoria and built to last. Paton Cattle Feeders are well engineered and supplied fully built, no flat packs.
Trail Feeder – ATV
A quick overview of our handy ATV Trail Feeder. High quality, fully weather proof and simple to operate. This little unit tows very well behind...
FeedKing 2.5 Tonne Feed Cart
Take a tour of our 2017 model Paton FeedKing. This unit is the only unit of its size in the marketplace to feature the simplicity...
Ewe Lift ATV Trailer
The Paton Ewe-Lift takes the backbreaking work out of lifting livestock. Easy to tow behind your ATV, the trailer deck lowers to ground level allowing...
Feed Out Bin – 1.5 Tonne
Brief overview and walk around of our 1.5 Tonne Feed Cart. Paton’s 1.5 Tonne Feed Carts are a useful multi-purpose unit that can be used...
Mineral Trough
A brief showcase of our handy Mineral Trough for sheep. A cost effective way of efficiently trough feeding your flock.
Mobile Feed Station – 4.8m Cattle
Brief overview and walk around of our heavy duty cattle Mobile Feed Station. 100% Galvanised and built tough to withstand the rigours of cattle feeding....
Lick Door Adjusting & Feeding
A short instructional video to describe how to use the Paton Lick Feeder Door.
Feed Out Bin – 1.5 Tonne Ute Mounted
Walk around video showcasing the Paton Livestock Ute Mounted Feed Out Bin.
1.5 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled
Walk around show case of the Paton Livestock 1.5 Tonne Wheeled Feeder, highlighting key features.
Trail Feeder – 1.5 Tonne – Standard Model
A walk around video highlighting Paton’s Standard Model 1.5 Tonne Trail Feeder.
Hay Feeder – 2.4m
A walk around video of Paton Livestock’s 2.4m Hay Feeder.
3 Tonne Feeder – Cattle
A brief overview and walk around of our solid and robust 3 Tonne Cattle Feeder – the strongest feeders available on the market. Don’t muck...
Trail Feeder – 2.5 Tonne
A brief description and walk around of our rugged and reliable 2.5 Tonne Trail Feeder. Built tough to meet the demands of Australian Farmers and...
Mobile Cattle Trough
A brief description and walk around of our rugged and practical 6m mobile cattle troughs. The most effective and efficient way to trough feed your...
Advanced Lick Feeders
Paton Livestock Equipment, specialists in Lick Feeders suitable for Calves, Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs. Our Advanced Lick Feeders are Engineered to get the most...
Feed Out Bins – 1.5 Tonne
Paton Livestock’s 1.5 Tonne Feed Out Bins are a useful multi-purpose unit that can be used for transporting grain, trail feeding in the paddock, or...
Farmer Case Study – Ross Dixon
Paton Livestock specialise in advanced Lick Feeders designed to get the most out of your mob and your feed. Built tough for Australian Farmers and...
Lick Feeders Overview
A brief overview of the Paton Lick Feeder Platform.
Farmer Case Study – Tony Wilson
Paton Livestock, farmer case study showing a Mobile Paton Lick Feeder in the field. The case study farmer, Tony, is a breeder of fat lambs...